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Deep Thought in Clay

by Matías Sierra

Matias Sierra 1

Matias Sierra 2

Matias Sierra 3

Matias Sierra 4

Matias Sierra 5

Matias Sierra 6

Matias Sierra 7

Matias Sierra 8

Matias Sierra 9

Matias Sierra 10

Matias Sierra 11

Matias Sierra 12

Matias Sierra 13


Artist: Matías Sierra

I was born in Argentina and from my childhood I had a love for art and its creation. My relationship with art began in school and continued in a private studio where I worked with different materials and media like ink, paint, drawing, and modeling with clay. At thirteen or fourteen years old clay became my choice and it still is. I am a self-taught artist. I don’t have a background in art studies. Since 2005 I have lived in Montréal, Canada. I’ve presented my work in several group shows. In 2012 I had my first solo exhibition and another in 2014.

My inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes it comes from myself–from my own experiences or general ideas I pick up. I take these ideas, model them in my mind, and sculpt them with clay. I work directly from mind to clay, making no draft in paper or digital mode. The body is the source to express my ideas.





Matías was also featured in Creative Thresholds in 2013. Check out “Sculpture by Matías Sierra.” 



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