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Artsexcreations is a collaborative series of artwork by Bruce Neeley and Lesley Bentley. We call it ‘artsexcreations’ because our art is like babies from the commingling thoughts in our personal mind-theatre whereby we share our collaborative view of the world as how we desire to see and create it. Life can be difficult and painful at times and we hope that our art shares our love and humor with the world. Bruce Neeley chooses pieces from Lesley Bentley’s drawings and performs his artistic artsex digital magic to produce the final pieces you see displayed.

Artsexcreations-Expanded Thought

Expanded Thought

Artsexcreations-Ethereal Escape

Ethereal Escape

I’m Lost, I’m Scared, I’m Rock Hard

I’m Lost, I’m Scared, I’m Rock Hard

Modern Child Psychology

Modern Child Psychology

The Descent

The Descent



Priestess of the Heavens

Priestess of the Heavens


From Bruce: Lesley and I are a good fit on a psychological level, and my process fits in well with our approach. I take from a file of work Lesley sends me and work with it as though it were my own. We really are about the acceptance of the other. We work to create a piece of art for the greater good. It is about trust and respect at a level comparable to a an intimate relationship. It’s a very unique experience to be working so closely with another person’s work. I would say even spiritual. My strongest motivation is to please Lesley, and as with any work, give the public in general a memorable experience. I have never met Lesley in person, although we have talked. I think it would be fun to have a solo exhibit and meet there for the first time. This project has been a joy for both of us. We both have a good sense of humor and as artists we just enjoy the play. We share a sandbox.


Original work by Lesley for “Fantasy and Reality”:

Artsexcreation-Original work by Lesley for %22Fantasy and Reality%22

“Fantasy and Reality” (finished collaboration):

Artsexcreations-Fantasy and Reality

Fantasy and Reality


This is the original work Lesley sent to me which I added to “Dat Bitch Got Crabs”:

artsexcreations-Original work from Lesley for Dat Bitch Got Crabs

“Dat Bitch Got Crabs” (finished collaboration):

Artsexcreations-Dat Betch Got Crabs 100

Dat Bitch Got Crabs



Learn more about Artsexcreations:





Bruce NeeleyArtist Bruce Neeley:

I was primarily self-taught. I had 3 solo exhibits of oil paintings at various alternative spaces in my early 20s. In my 30s I attended the Kansas City Art Institute via scholarship. My course of study was drawing and painting. It has been about two years since I started working in a digital medium, although most of my work has its origins in drawings and paintings. Usually I draw, photograph it, and work on its manipulation electronically.

Awards and Exhibits to my credit include:

1995 Annual 5 State Juried Exhibit in Salina KS. Jurors award by Charles Moffet, Senior Curator of Painting from the National Gallery in D.C.

1997 Annual 5 State Juried Exhibit in Salina KS. Jurors award by Robert Workman, Senior Curator of Painting at The American Federation of Arts in New York.

1998 Solo large scale drawing exhibit ( Torments of the Self ) at the Mingunbach Arts Center in Lindsburg KS.

2010 14th Annual Northeast Arts Juried Exhibit in Kansas City. Award for best 2D work.

2012 16th Annual Northeast Arts Juried Exhibit in Kansas City.

2013 17th Annual Northeast Arts Juried Exhibit in Kansas City. Award for best 2D work, and Award for best themed.

2014 18th Annual Northeast Arts Juried Exhibit in Kansas City.

2015 19th Annual Northeast Arts Juried Exhibit in Kansas City. Award for best 2D work.

Currently preparing for all digital solo exhibit here in Kansas City of next year.

Twitter: @Breton1924


Lesley BentleyArtist Lesley Bentley:

I am a self taught artist from Houston, Texas. I grew up drawing with my mother and aunt who were artists. My drawings come from dreams and recurring thoughts about energy, manifesting thoughts, creation, recreation, healing, desire, humor, love and animals. I almost always include my face in my drawings. Sometimes I include the face of my deceased aunt. I think art heals people, introduces new thinking patterns and improves humor which increases joy in your life.
In addition to Artsexcreations I have my personal drawings on the following links:



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