Ahşapkari Art – Wood Art

by Mehmet Şakir Ünlü

Ahşapkari–the name I’ve  given it–is a work of art composed of natural colored wooden pieces. The color of the pieces are entirely natural; they are not painted, stained, or otherwise colored. In the creation of Ahşapkari, wooden pieces of different species and colors are generally cut into 6 mm. cubes. The design for the artwork is drawn on a wooden counter and the cut pieces are glued to their appropriate place with white furniture glue. To form representations of things like hair, moustaches, eyelashes and beards, wooden veneer is used vertically in 6 mm. cords. After pasting, filling varnish is put on the painting. When it dries, it’s rubbed by sandpaper. The last step is the application of  clear varnish as a means of protection.

Mehmet Sakir Unlu-1-gezitablosu Mehmet Sakir Unlu-2-IMG_0168 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-3-IMG_1060 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-4-IMG_4353 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-5-IMG_4393 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-6-IMG_4398 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-9-IMG_5960 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-7-IMG_4403 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-8-IMG_4407 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-10-IMG_7679 Mehmet Sakir Unlu-11-izzetcan Mehmet Sakir Unlu-12-suleymanezim


– Trees, to increase interest in nature,

– Evaluate the waste wood pieces,

– Drawing attention to the waste product,

– Develop innovation in the arts, To increase interest in the arts,

– Provide peace of mind in the human body and brain,

– Learn to work patiently,

– To reach from the parts to whole,

– To explain the importance of all parts (There is a place for each of us in the World, Do not underestimate yourself  ),

– Develop three-dimensional thinking….

SONY DSCArtist: Mehmet Şakir Ünlü Mehmet Şakir Ünlü has had a love for wood from the days of his childhood playing with tops, wooden cars, and willow whistles. As he grew beyond the simple toys of childhood, he didn’t outgrow his love for the material that seems so basic, yet can be so exotic. Looking around his native Turkey, Mehmet also noticed the rich history of mosaic art that can be seen. He was struck by the notion that the mosaic tile is really a pixel, the most basic element of what modern technology strives to duplicate in high definition screens. So, taking the richness of the cultural past around him, and combining it with his lifelong love for wood, Mehmet began creating mosaic art using wood of various types, without coloration from paint, stain, or dye. He calls his art “Ahsapkari,” a name inspired by the traditional craft using silver wire called Telkari. His manipulation and placement of wood creates truly unique pieces. While no additional color is added to the wood, the pieces are sanded and shellacked to bring out the natural color and deep beauty each piece holds. To achieve the vibrant colors seen in his creations, Mehmet uses a variety of woods, ranging from tropical/exotic woods such as Ayous, Wenge, Purple Rosewood, Green Rosewood, Movengiu, and Teak; but he does not shy away from using small pieces of ordinary wood that others may see as waste or scrap.

www.ahsapkari.com www.facebook.com/Ahsapkari

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