The Abandonment of Doubt

by Justin Christenbery

The Artist, 30"x48" acrylic on canvas (8/2014)

The Artist, 30″x48″ acrylic on canvas (8/2014)

Looking within, potential can be acknowledged and worked with. The fire of the heart-mind is stoked and the image is forged, quenched, and re-forged a thousand times within the mind’s eye before a move has even been made.

Forward, 36"x48" acrylic on canvas (10/2011)

Forward, 36″x48″ acrylic on canvas (10/2011)

Through the common link between all things, we flow.

 Movement in Blue, 30"x40" acrylic on canvas (7/2014)

Movement in Blue, 30″x40″ acrylic on canvas (7/2014)

The style that I’ve been cultivating for the last several years continues to evolve and seems to finally be crystallizing into something worthwhile here. Consciousness sings into form the formless. Then, being gently takes consciousness’s hand and leads the song into an undreamt of place where the clouds of confusion are forgotten.

Incurrence, 42"x54" acrylic on canvas (2010)

Incurrence, 42″x54″ acrylic on canvas (2010)

Within our sometimes tumultuous lives and inner worlds, calm remains forever present and available.

The Abandonment of Doubt, 42"x42" acrylic on canvas (9/2014)

The Abandonment of Doubt, 42″x42″ acrylic on canvas (9/2014)

Life is Surging at this very moment. Around you- through you… As you. Your mind is a tool slowly & tenuously mastered- a lens, of sorts, that you use to focus this Life-that-you-are. This is where many trip up: The mind only ever remains a tool, and as powerful as it can become, it will never compare to or replace the Pure Life that we are. If the mind is a lens, how much greater is your Self which puts it to work? The mind is useful. YOU are essential- and quite skilled at Living w/out minding your mind.

Stop trying to listen to your heart so that It can become you. Forget thinking and embrace knowing. Flow happens… Mind is first absorbed and then blended into Being, and Life’s sweetest nectar is tasted.

The Return, 33"x44" acrylic on canvas (2009)

The Return, 33″x44″ acrylic on canvas (2009)

This piece marked a fork in the road of my development as an artist. In 2009 I was doing a lot of blended directional work (hence the strong verticals here) with the goal being to get my mind to stop worrying so much about what the image would become. Having covered the canvas, I noticed a great sense of depth near the middle and decided to pursue that sense of perspective and immersion within a saturated environment and was rewarded with a painterly evolution.

The Offering, 24"x30" acrylic on canvas (3/2013)

The Offering, 24″x30″ acrylic on canvas (3/2013)

This piece was commissioned by a Family & Marriage therapist and now hangs in her office. I am constantly amazed by and forever grateful for the gift which, in having been given to me, I am able to multiply and re-gift to so many others.

Justin Christenbery lives in Cornelius, NC where he works out of a home studio and maintains an active presence in the creative community. He regularly does live paintings alongside various bands and musicians with hopes of sharing his inspiration with audience goers. He is currently exhibiting new works at Kadi in Downtown Cornelius’s Historic Oak Street Mill. The show runs through March 12th, 2015.

More of his work can be seen on his personal (under-construction) website: He has a secondary online portfolio which is overflowing with work from the last 10 years, and where prints of his art can be purchased: JRChristenbery Portfolio

Commissions are always being accepted(he does realistic portraiture as well!
Follow him on Facebook: Here
Christenbery working on a live painting on plexiglass. (photo courtesy Brooklyn Nicole)

Christenbery working on a live painting on plexiglass. (photo courtesy Brooklyn Nicole)

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