Poned: Mail Art and Michael Orr

By Michael Orr Michael Orr-692-13 Michael Orr-724-14 Michael Orr-768-15 Michael Orr-799-16 Michael Orr-808-17 Michael Orr-941-18 525 Michael Orr-588-2 Michael Orr-592-3 Michael Orr-598-4 Michael Orr-602-5 Michael Orr-605-6 Michael Orr-608-7 Michael Orr-jrmints_acsize-8 Michael Orr-424-9 Michael Orr-488-10 Michael Orr-498-11 Michael Orr-Pink Mouse-12

Michael Orr-biophoto

My name is Michael Orr, I am 39 years old. I am from and currently reside in Clarkston GA with my wife and son. I studied design at the Art Institute of Atlanta and The Creative Circus. During the day I pose as a research technician at Emory University. I’ve always made art. It’s a compulsion. It takes me away. It’s fun and makes me happy. I must do it. I started getting away from my sketchbook and making small pieces about 7 years ago. I started mailing things to friends, random people and places. My work is mixed media, collage, design, illustration, and hand carved rubber stamps over existing cardboard packaging waste, album covers, old game boxes, paper or canvas. I enjoy  working on top of existing graphics and incorporating it into my own creation. Many works are a collaboration. Gradually I discovered there is a vast organized mail art network out there, composed of people from all over the world. I like the free exchange of art and ideas. The freedom of letting the works go. The enthusiastic collaboration among the network. The visual poets of this network have directly inspired and influenced my work. Since discovering this network I’ve been in a handful of little group shows around the world and published in a few zines, and a couple of book projects. I’ve shown my work locally at a few events and small venues. Most recently I’ve curated a mail art show at Atlanta’s Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery. 

Website: Sang Moo

Flickr: cornp0ne

Twitter: Michael Orr (@cornpone)

Facebook: Artpone

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