Marzena, French-Polish artist-painter

Marzena Lavrilleux 1

Marzena Lavrilleux 2

Marzena Lavrilleux 3

Marzena Lavrilleux 4

Marzena Lavrilleux 5

Marzena Lavrilleux 6

Marzena Lavrilleux 7

Marzena Lavrilleux 8

Marzena Lavrilleux 9

Marzena Lavrilleux 10

Marzena Lavrilleux 11

Marzena Lavrilleux 12

Marzena LavrilleuxArtist: Marzena Lavrilleux
Born in Lodz (Poland) in 1969, I came to France at the end of 2007 and I’m now living in Orleans. I’ve painted since 2008. Before arriving in France, I worked with a Polish artist. We made a few fashion shows in Poland (Warsaw and Lodz). Until then, my artistic sense was expressed more in fashion clothing. The ability to express emotions through painting has always fascinated me. It was something of a revelation, not of my artistic side, but my ability to express myself on a canvas. In my paintings, I want to express my emotions, which are sometimes extreme. I never prepare what I am going to paint, it is a spontaneous expression of my imagination. Most of my paintings are dark for the reasons mentioned above. My paintings are subjective because I have no perception of people who will view them. So everyone will see what he or she wants.

Learn more about Marzena and see more of her work at her Website and Facebook page.

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4 Comments on “Marzena, French-Polish artist-painter”

  1. tmgre
    January 23, 2014 at 1:07 pm #

    These are fantastic


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