Natural Inclinations

by Seana Reilly

Seana Reilly_AF-203-web

AF-203, Graphite on paper 1” x 1”

Seana Reilly_AF-207-web

AF-207, Graphite on paper 1” x 1”

Seana Reilly_AF-218-web

AF-218, Graphite on paper 1” x 1”

Seana Reilly_AF-226-web

AF-226, Graphite on paper 1” x 1”

Seana Reilly_DeuteronilusMensae w border

DeuteronilusMensae, Graphite on drafting film 16.5” x 16.5”

Seana Reilly_GenetiveCase_details2

GenetiveCase, Graphite on Dibond 12” x 12” (detail)

Sean Reilly_MassWasting_web

MassWasting, Graphite on drafting film 18” x 18”

Seana Reilly_PeñaFlamenca_web

PeñaFlamenca, Graphite on paper 20” x 20”

Seana Reilly_ResolvingKazimir_web

ResolvingKazimir, Graphite on Dibond 48” x 48”

Seana Reilly_SolarProminence-w border_web

SolarProminence, Graphite & pencil on drafting film 60” x 18”

Seana Reilly_TippingPoint_web

TippingPoint, Graphite on Dibond 36” x 48”

Seana Reilly_TorrentialConstant_web

TorrentialConstant, Graphite on Dibond 48” x 24”

Seana Reilly_untitled_web

Untitled, Mixed Media 18″ x 30″

Seana Reilly_VestigialStroke-web

VestigialStroke, Graphite on Dibond 48” x 24”

*Seana Reilly _for scale_Aqua Miami

Installation–AtramentalMain (Graphite on Dibond 72” x 48”) and DiamagneticLift (Graphite on Dibond 72” x 24”)

*Seana Reilly_for scale_AF sketchbook

AF Sketchbook

Seana Reilly & her respiratorApproximately seven years ago Seana Reilly decided to call it quits on her previous architectural career and move back to the east coast to make a go of it as an artist. She spent a couple years figuring out what she should be making, experimenting mostly. A visiting artist from the UK showed her something new he’d developed in his studio – liquid graphite. She likens it to hearing a song for the very first time that she somehow already knew. This medium expressed the way nature moves and it needed precise measurements, but it also imposed a distinct lack of control over the final product. Using this built-in framework, she started making drawings/paintings that simultaneously addressed both western science and eastern philosophy, two ways of seeing that she had been trying to align for most of her life.

Seana lives in Atlanta and currently has a studio at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. She has work in the High Museum’s Drawing Inside the Perimeter show and at Stanley Beaman Sears both until late September 2013. You can also see her work at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport’s T-Concourse until January 2014.

You can view more of her work at and contact her at

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