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Asi Es La Vida

by Alessandro Ciapanna

These photographs were taken in a train cemetery on the outskirts of Uyuni, a small city in the south of Bolivia. This series is entitled “Asi Es La Vida,” from graffiti scrawled on one of the rusting locomotives.

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2118_bolivia_train_vida_DRAMA

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2455_bolivia_train_man_pointing_DRAMA

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2461_bolivia_train_man_sit_DRAMA

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2460_bolivia_train_tornado_DRAMA

Abandoned steam locomotives at Uyuni train cemetery, Bolivia

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2437_bolivia_train_man_sit_DRAMA

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2412_bolivia_train_axles_DRAMA

Derailed train axle at Uyuni's train cemetery, Bolivia.

Abandoned steam locomotive at Uyuni, Bolivia train cemetery.

Uyuni, Bolivia train cemetery



Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2311_bol_train_sky_DRAMA

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2289_bol_uyuni_train_wheels_DRAMA

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2252_bol_uyuni_train_pamela_DRAMA

Crashed train car scrap at Uyuni, Bolivia train cemetery.

Uyuni, Bolivia train cemetery

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2316_bol_uyuni_train_couple_twisted_DRAMA

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2298_bolivia_train_roof_DRAMA

Alessandro Ciapanna DSC_2409_bolivia_train_man_bicycle_DRAMA


P1000492_Alessandro_Ciapanna_1000pxArtist: Alessandro Ciapanna

I throw myself passionately at life. And life often smiles back. When that happens, I like to have my camera ready.

In what is a perennially ongoing process, I have developed a sense of what works, photographically. I can sometimes perceive when a situation has the quid I like to call the “wow factor”. I have honed my ear to the sound of a ball bouncing or a child laughing. Because these are telltale signs that something wonderful is taking place. It is a miracle, happening, unscripted. And sometimes – if you develop and trust your serendipity – it’s happening right around the corner. It’s something universal, and fleeting. Therefore all the more wonderful. All the more worth capturing. This is what I most like to photograph. Some call it life.

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