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The Reader- Visual Storytelling

by Jenny Wantuch

"The Walker" Digital Imaging, 2013

“The Walker” Digital Imaging, 2013

"The Dreamer I" Digital Imaging, 2013

“The Dreamer I” Digital Imaging, 2013

"The Seeker", Digital Imaging, 2013

“The Seeker”, Digital Imaging, 2013

"The Dreamer II" , Digital Imaging, 2013

“The Dreamer II” , Digital Imaging, 2013

"The Reader" , Digital Imaging, 2013

“The Reader” , Digital Imaging, 2013

Jenny WantuchJenny M.L. Wantuch is an artist creating figurative art using traditional media as well as digital media. Inspired by the complexity and beauty of life and nature, and her own imagination, she enjoys exploring her inner and outer world.  In her art, she seeks to find visual harmony and yet allow dynamic movement.  Jenny was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.  From an early age, she loved to draw, paint and create stories. Her family has for generations worked as farmers, and since the 1600’s lived in the area around Uppsala. During her childhood in Sweden, Jenny spent most of her summers at the farm. She developed a deep interest and appreciation for the beauty of nature. Early influences were her grandfather, a storyteller and draftsman, her aunt, a portrait sculptor and painter, and both her grandmothers whose talents for various crafts seemed to be endless.

Jenny moved to Northern California in 2001. Jenny is a full time artist, working from her studio in Burlingame.  Jenny regularly exhibits her work in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has private collectors in USA and in Europe.

For more information please visit: http://jennywantuch.com. You can also follow Jenny on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JMLWantuchArt.


by Melissa D. Johnston


A point and shoot camera.

A sunny November day.

The air grille of a whirring heatpump.


Visual Poetry from Jaume Jorba

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About Jaume Jorba:
Born in Barcelona, I arrived to Atlanta sixteen years ago. Little I knew about the journey I was about to embark. Applied research in public health was my first eye opener and I decidedly joined the Polio Eradication project. Sometime later I found in Visual Poetry the stream uniting tributaries long abandoned. Facing loss and grief, Visual Poetry emerged in gratitude. Thus, a new journey began. The one I keep telling my soul: Haven’t met you yet.

See more of Jaume’s work at  Journey to Tallulah Falls.


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