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Safe as Houses

By Hilary Yarbrough

Pine--Hilary Yarbrough


Little Haus-Hilary Yarbrough

Little Haus

Hilary Yarbrough--Ice Floe

Ice Floe

Hilary Yarbrough--Future Home

Future Home

Birds--Hilary Yarbrough


Artist: Hilary Yarbrough Hilary Yarbrough
I began drawing at a young age as a way to break down what I was taking in and to understand every moving part. As an adult, I am still breaking the world down into pieces, as a means to stop it for a moment and give an image to every story. I am self-taught, and my favorite mediums are those which are more volatile–the watercolors and inks and gouaches–because they do what they want, as opposed to the final outcome being entirely in my hands. I try to be playful–if dark–when I paint, to lessen the weight of reality, but also to remind myself that I am small and everything is fine.

Check out more of Hilary’s work at Anti Illustrator.

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