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by K.D. Rose

K.D. would like to thank the incredible artist George RedHawk (DarkAngel0ne on social media) for permission to combine her words with his art.

What Belongs to You


KD Rose What Belongs to You WORDS only




Gif animation by DarkAngelOne


Rides in the car
loosening in the still light,
running like a deer through God’s house.
A leap into the glimmering.
One with something like air and water but neither.
Feels like music.


KD Rose Ethereal



He stands in the doorway
ecstatic in the book of the sun,
thinks he bought me,
so I offer him fare trade−
the luxury of commerce
on a wet night of uncertain weather.
We unbutton the horizon.


The Tall in the Small

You will never be a stone in the sky.

With both hands dancing,
you will nurse wild forests,
seek matter uneven,
holy antennas reaching,
footlights for the blind,
living candlelit lives
while ghosts rail with bad advice.

You are the naked light.


KD RoseK. D. Rose is a poet and author who has books published in multiple genres. Her newest release is The Brevity of Twit. K. D.’s poetry has been published in Candlelit Journal, the Voices Project, and showcased in the Tophat Raven Art and Literary Magazine. Her poetry has also been accepted for publication in The Stray Branch Fall/Winter 2016 issue. K. D.’s book, Inside Sorrow, won the Readers Favorite 2013 International Silver Medal for Poetry.

Old School Game Hacking as Inspiration

by Ryan Seslow

Ryan Seslow 1


Ryan Seslow 2


Ryan Seslow 3


Ryan Seslow 5


Ryan Seslow 6


I created the pieces in this post all in immediacy. I’m inspired by the content so things happen fast in that energy. The works in this post have all started off as still images, mostly as manual collages, but I knew that the end result would be a series of GIF animations and Vine pieces. These are still being generated as we speak. As a kid in the 1980’s I always loved the graphics that nintendo had in their video games. I am not a big gamer in terms of actually playing video games. Especially the way I did as a kid, but I absolutely love the art, the art development process and overall visual video game art aesthetic. I love the fact that I can evoke the fun and reflective childhood emotions as I search for my favorite old games on youtube and other sites dedicated to this art form (there are tons of them.) My #GIFIFGHT collaborator General Howe’s recent work has inspired me to take more action on this new series. If you haven’t seen his hacks into the GI Joe animated series, it’s a must see. Check it here.


Ryan Seslow 7


This first series of work brings together elements of super mario world, megaman 2, graffiti and my own characters and  figures. This process will continue to slowly bring in more of my own content to reinvent it and allow me to relearn about it. I find this to be a fun way to start. This seems obvious to me as the artist, but I am interested in feedback from the viewer as well. These pieces are light, fun, and colorful. It is my intention to evoke memories and inspire others with this body of work. So what happens next? Well, this blog post will expand, and expand. Im working with the presentation idea of where these pieces will be shown. Im not thinking 100% of traditional gallery spaces, but more along the lines of displacing the works in areas where you would least expect to see them. Of course I am not going to give this away completely right now so stay tuned. I view this post as an ongoing thread that I will continue to add the new works to.


Ryan Seslow 8


Ryan Seslow 10


Ryan Seslow 24


Ryan Seslow 21


Ryan Seslow 11


Ryan Seslow 13


Ryan Seslow 37


Ryan Seslow 38


Ryan Seslow 26












Ryan Seslow 28


Ryan Seslow 29


Ryan Seslow 39


Ryan Seslow 30


Ryan Seslow 40


Ryan Seslow 31

 More to come.

Ryan Seslow is a visual artist, independent curator, graphic designer, and professor of fine art living and working in New York. Working in a variety of mediums, Seslow shows his work both nationally and internationally. He teaches various fine art graduate and undergraduate level studio courses simultaneously between four colleges in the metropolitan NY area.

Find him on Social Media

Flickr -View the Art of Ryan Seslow:

Twitter – @ryanseslow – http://twitter.com/#!/ryanseslow

Tumblr –  http://theartofryanseslow.tumblr.com

Linked In– http://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanseslow

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/ryan.seslow

Instagram – http://instagram.com/ryanseslow

TechnophemeraRyan is currently working on a project called Technophemera. Technophemera is a technology-inspired installation by street artists Leon Reid IV and Ryan Seslow. Check out the details at Kickstarter.

Concept: Technophemera highlights the speed of technology’s evolution. With new digital devices produced every minute, technology both reinvents itself and renders obsolete at an exponential rate.

Technophemera 2Installation: The installation will be an archaeological site filled with dated computer equipment appearing as a graveyard of old hardware. The technology will be cast in concrete and burrowed in sand suggesting a fossilization process. In adding to the effect are dig site tools such as shovels, brushes, magnifying glasses and caution tape.

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