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Fantasie Sopra la Città di Venezia (Fantasy upon the City of Venice)

by Luca Rajna

These three sequences are inspired by what Wolfgang Goethe wrote about the gondoliers’ songs during his Italian tour.






















luca_rajna_3_bio_picLuca Rajna is the founder of the photographic studio Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici (Photographic Projects) and works mainly with weddings and photo shootings. His team of world-class professionals consists of storytellers who have won all the most important awards: World Press Photo, Sony World Photography Awards and so on. The know-how of his team allows him to avoid a single standardized working methodology, getting the most suitable style for every client.

When he takes photographs he always looks for conveying emotions and feelings beyond what is represented: “There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect” taught G.K. Chesterton. Before to become a photographer Luca was a musician and researcher specialized in baroque Venetian music. His wife Maria Rosa is from Venice: her slang easily stands out, so…They got married in 1996, the year in which he did his last concert and was already the leader of a photography studio since two years, after studying photography in Milan from 1992 to 1994 at the CFP Ricccardo Bauer.

At the end of the 90s he was among the first Italian photographers to have a full website and after noticing on the Internet the work of his colleagues from abroad he made the wedding photojournalism philosophy famous in Italy, which was virtually unknown in his country then. In private life he is still fond of ancient (and ethnic) music, loves to translate the Bible from the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts and… would never stop playing Subbuteo (a kind of “Table Soccer” very common in Italy). Luca and his wife chose to live in the country, out of a big city. Their children names are Mattia (Matthew) and Noemi.

Among famous names, Luca learned to framing his images reading the treatises of Vasily Kandinsky, looking at the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky, and to discover the poetry of the light from the black and white of William Eugene Smith. His favorite photography books are from the analogue era: “L’Isola Intima” [The Intimate Island] by Carmelo Bongiorno and “Venice” by David Hamilton. Recommended Movies: Ushpizin (2004), Fireproof (2008) and Courageous (2011).

Main Website › www.progettifotografici.com

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Quiet Moments

by Nirav Patel

When we stop to really listen and see the world, we can detect the quiet in the chaos. I define my visual language by bringing these quiet moments to life through my photographs.

Nirav Patel-1-26870014

Nirav Patel-2-61630003

Nirav Patel-3-Alina 0032 (1)

Nirav Patel-4-Alina 0033

Nirav Patel-5-Alina 0052

Nirav Patel-6-Alina 0713

Nirav Patel-7-Aubrey0259_

Nirav Patel-8-Image 114

Nirav Patel-9-J&S 2480

Nirav Patel-10-J&S 3684

Nirav Patel-11-J&S 4096

Nirav Patel-12-M&Kw 1845 copy

Nirav Patel-13-M&N 1153

Nirav Patel-14-meredith 0102

Nirav Patel-15-Meredith Adelaide (smoke) 0267

Nirav Patel-16-Meredith Adelaide (smoke) 0707

Nirav Patel-17-Meredith Adelaide (smokec) 0120

Nirav Patel-18-Meredith Project 0821



Nirav Patel-self portraitNirav Patel spent most of his life studying to become an engineer after his parents left India to find opportunity and a good life for him in the states. After he successfully finished his education and worked in the engineering field for 5 years he was laid off during the economic downturn.  During this time he discovered the power of photographs when looking through his parents wedding album.  He realized how important is was to capture these memories.  He then dedicated his time to teaching himself photography.  He soon found another position as an engineer but had already fallen in love with photography.  In 2010 he decided to quit his new job and pursue photography full time.

www.niravpatelphoto.com (editorial)

www.niravpatelphotography.com (wedding)

www.niravpatelphotography.tumblr.com (personal journal)

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/niravphotography/?hl=en

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nirav-Photography-114491138574349/



Escape to Reality

by David Giovannetti

David Giovannetti-_MG_0125

David Giovannetti-ufficiale con meno terra

David Giovannetti-Untitled-1

David Giovannetti-Girl with a Pearl Earring

David Giovannetti-mg_0072

David Giovannetti-Storytellers

David Giovannetti-storyteller

David Giovannetti-musician

David Giovannetti-light

David Giovannetti-rainy day

David Giovannetti-end of summer-melissa-e-girasoli-modifica

David Giovannetti-sleeping beauty

David GiovannettiMy name is David Giovannetti and I live in a small town in Italy, called Corinaldo. I am not the son of an artist, nor did I attend art school, but still boast a curriculum that goes beyond any academic teaching: the tales of the adventures of my father, an Italian who emigrated to the United States to try his luck.

Thanks to his absurd stories, sometimes fantastic, my childhood flourished with wonder and curiosity about the world. Through fantasizing about his stories, I found the way to express myself through imagination which was sparked through art, specifically photography.

The path to turn this passion into a full-time job is long and arduous but I’m giving it my all to achieve this.

Website: https://davidgiovannettiphotography.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DavidGiovannettiPhotography

Email: david.giovannetti@outlook.com

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