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Stories and Faces

by Nicola Paton

Amy Winehouse

Dead eyes, inspired by Giles Duley photography

Snoop Dog

The Poodle, inspired by Tim Flach photography

A gentleman called Allon

Portrait of my brother Richard

Zombie Boy

Tommy the jeweller

Dinos Chapman

The aging process

Ranulph Fiennes

Homeless man inspired by Lee Jeffries


Artist: Nicola Paton

My name is Nicola Paton and I’m from Birmingham in the UK.

I re-found my passion for creating pieces of artwork eight years ago and dedicate any available spare time to my hobby, which gives me so much pleasure and fulfilment. My medium is charcoal and pastel, but my true love is charcoal, it allows me to re-create the emotions of the human face and capture the story behind the image. Recently I’ve been enjoying the challenge of experimenting with animal portraits which I intend to introduce more to my art collection.

Being a self taught artist has allowed me to discover my own individual and unique style. My inspiration comes from photographic images which I transform into one off pieces of artwork. My portrait vary from famous to the unknown and take between one to six months for completion. I’m always pushing the boundaries with my art and feel I’m evolving with each piece I create.






From Nothing, Mainly.

by Marc Jason Day

All Drills Hit Infinite Oil

Hollow Black Electric Converter Sun


Society Is Designed To Take Your Children Away From You And You Don’t Give A Shit

Spirit Cooking With The Clintons

The Delusion That Anything Is Better Than Anything Else

THe Removal Of Hope Is The Only Route To Contentedness

Your Shallows Must Never Threaten My Depths


Painter: Marc Jason Day

Painted works on A1 paper
– using Rotring Ink, Charcoal Sticks, Posca Pens, Acrylics, Glazes, Chalk Pens, Anarchism, Alternative History, Hidden Science, Existentialism, Conspiracy Theory, The Gutai Group, Maximalism, (Positive) Nihilism, Arte Povera, Advanced Audio, Chris Ware, Marcel Dzama, Moebius, Stanislav Kolibal, Roberto Bolano, Yukio Mishima, Yasunari Kawabata.

Will be exhibiting at the Cornwall Art Fair in St Ives, Cornwall, UK – 26th-28th May 2017.






The Art of Emili Yi: Mind, Material, Manifestation

by Emili Yi

Watercolor Emotion Series

The Watercolor Emotion Series aims to explore the relationship between emotion, color, shape, and context through water media.

“Optimistic Thought,” Watercolor, 30cm X 40cm

“Emotional Man,” Watercolor, 30cm X 40 cm

Mind Manifestation Series

The Mind Manifestation Series comprises a collection of paintings that were started and completed during the summer of 2013 using watercolors and charcoal. The inspiration for this body of work stems from the Emili’s exploration of the relationship between mind, image and actionable experience within material existence.

“Mind,” Watercolor and Charcoal, 30cm X 30cm

“Mind 2,” Watercolor and Charcoal, 30cm X 30cm

“Mind 3,” Watercolor and Charcoal, 30cm X 30cm

Expressive Symbolism

“Caged Dancer,” Digital Media (Acrylic), 15″ X 15″

“Caged Dancer” uses symbolism, a diverse color palette and fluid line stroke to express a story of irony and confined fancy. It marks Emili’s first work since emigrating to the United States and in digital media.

“Red,” Digital Media (Acrylic), 15″ X 15″

“Red” is an exploration of emotion expressed in symbol and color to represent context, mood and atmosphere.

Visual Syntax Series

“Visual Syntax,” Digital Media (Acrylic), 15″ X 15″

“Visual Syntax” is an abstract painting which contemplates the evolving function of human visual syntactic processes during a time of emerging information and media technologies.

“Escapade,” Digital Media (Acrylic), 15″ X 15″

“Escapade” continues to explore human mindscape in a time of transition. The image presents a visual landscape rich in organic shapes and colors inspired from nature. The aim of the image is to present an abstract concept based created from shapes inspired from nature and contrasts from that of mathematical abstraction and straight line.

Watercolor Bodies

These images work to present the human figure through color and the virtues of watercolor media.

“Watercolor Body 1,” Watercolor, 30cm X 30 cm

“Watercolor Body 2,” Watercolor, 30cm X 30 cm

“Watercolor Body 3,” Watercolor, 30cm X 30cm

Homage to Picasso

“Bullfight,” Watercolor, 160cm X 110 cm

“Bullfight” was created to pay homage to Pablo Picasso during Emili’s Junior year in art school.

Photo Realism

“Woman,” Digital Media (Acrylic), 32″ X 24″

“Woman” demonstrates Emili’s skill sets in Portraiture work.

“Leopard,” Digital Media (Acrylic), 24″ X 16″

“Leopard” demonstrates Emili’s skill-sets in Portraiture work and photo-realism.

Emili Yi was born in Liaoning, China February 24, 1987. At an early age Emili displayed artistic ability and was enrolled into a private art school by her parents at the age of six. In 2001, Emili trained under the tutelage of Professor Song Wei who is a practicing professor at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and widely recognized as a wood-block painting and print master. In 2007, Emili studied at the Yi Yuan Private Art Academy and in 2008 enrolled into the Northeast University Fine Arts Program. She graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Major in Oil Painting. Emili moved to the United States on July 4, 2013 and currently lives in Walnut Creek, CA.

Website: http://www.emiliyi.com/

Twitter: @emili_yi

Facebook: Emili Yi

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