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Ensorcelled Moments

by Axel A.

“What inspires and motivates me to paint is exploring, enjoying the world, and telling those ensorcelled moments I experienced using different Art Forms. I’m Caribbean (from FWI) but live in France, and belong to these two places. So I try to find this kind of sense of belonging through my artwork.”


Axel A 1


Axel A 2


Axel A 3


Axel A 4


Axel A 6


Axel A. is a Caribbean / French artist who lives in Paris.

His very personal work is characterized by a very bold use of color and imaginative abstract figures. These colors and figures interact, forming a work of strong visual impact. Axel wants his Art to touch our feelings and brighten our enthusiasm.

Axel wasn’t schooled in painting; he learns while he is discovering the world.

He works in acrylic, oil, and collage. His artwork is based on the “movement” by a cardboard end by way of instruments of paint.


Axel A 8


Axel A 9


Axel A 10


Axel A 11


Axel A 12


Axel A 13


Axel A 14


Axel A 15


“Art gives us a gift into creating, thinking differently, and expressing ourselves–providing others an insight into and appreciation of different cultures. That’s why wherever life takes me I will follow and continue with my Art.”


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