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Ensorcelled Moments

by Axel A.

“What inspires and motivates me to paint is exploring, enjoying the world, and telling those ensorcelled moments I experienced using different Art Forms. I’m Caribbean (from FWI) but live in France, and belong to these two places. So I try to find this kind of sense of belonging through my artwork.”


Axel A 1


Axel A 2


Axel A 3


Axel A 4


Axel A 6


Axel A. is a Caribbean / French artist who lives in Paris.

His very personal work is characterized by a very bold use of color and imaginative abstract figures. These colors and figures interact, forming a work of strong visual impact. Axel wants his Art to touch our feelings and brighten our enthusiasm.

Axel wasn’t schooled in painting; he learns while he is discovering the world.

He works in acrylic, oil, and collage. His artwork is based on the “movement” by a cardboard end by way of instruments of paint.


Axel A 8


Axel A 9


Axel A 10


Axel A 11


Axel A 12


Axel A 13


Axel A 14


Axel A 15


“Art gives us a gift into creating, thinking differently, and expressing ourselves–providing others an insight into and appreciation of different cultures. That’s why wherever life takes me I will follow and continue with my Art.”


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Vibrant and Textured Perception: The Abstract Art of Patti Agapi

by Patti Agapi

Patti Agapi Paintings 1

Patti Agapi Paintings 2

Patti Agapi Paintings 3

Patti Agapi Paintings 4

Patti Agapi Paintings 5

Patti Agapi Paintings 6

Patti Agapi Mixed Media 1

Patti Agapi Mixed Media 2

Patti Agapi Mixed Media 3

Patti Agapi Mixed Media 4

Patti Agapi Mixed Media 5


Patti AgapiA self-taught and ever-evolving Canadian abstract artist, Patti Agapi channels her creative expression into vibrant abstract paintings and intricate mixed media and collage art. She works with acrylic paints and various collage elements – found and vintage papers, pencil, metal leaf, plaster, metal and fabric. Patti’s abstract paintings are most often stimulating eye-candy, intense and engaging. Her mixed media & collage pieces evoke a curiosity and sense of mystery – each piece is a microcosmic journey of layers via intricate connections of text, texture and color.

The core themes of her work revolve around perception and personal reflection, and the mysterious ethereal elements of reality.

Patti lives in Orillia, Ontario, Canada and between catering to two boys, studiously works on creating Art.  She is a member of the collective art gallery Peter Street Fine Arts Gallery & Studio where she occupies a small downtown studio and shows her work on a regular basis.  She is also a member of the artist-run Zephyr Gallery in Orillia,

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email: pattiagapi@gmail.com

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