middle tones for shreds and patches

by Irina and Silviu Székely

The production of artistic objects is not a question of vision, beauty and sound proportions. The re-production tendency inherent to every subject chosen to manipulate the surrounding realities is a question of disproportional contingencies.

Therefore, we can only rely on objects already there, at hand, ready to be made. Trapped in this whirlpool, what we can do best is to try and re-make them, ignoring the burden of abstract authenticity. Thus, the continuity of every chosen object can be broken and the materialisation of a new aura can be activated again. Needless to say, this new aura cannot guarantee the complete disqualification of innovative procedures.

A strong feeling of suspicion arises when we are about to assume the essential constructivism of every artistic achievement. Simultaneously, we can no longer ignore the deconstructive aspect of art making: an object ready to be made or constructed can be, at the same time, the deconstructed replica of another object, with similar functionalities but simulated connotations.

Grosso modo, our approach to art is very naïve, ludic and hazardous; the manifestations of this approach end up sometimes in finite and continuous reconstructions of once thoroughly accomplished objects.

Taking into account the proliferation of these objects through photographic means and the gradual loss of ontological values filtered by several artificial mediums, we are giving shape to a series of subdivided collations, whose affinities can be traced back to Dadaist photomontage, magical realism, surrealist collage and other similar futile denominations.

This is what we are concerned with. This is how we leave the impressions of our fingers in the soft, incongruous tissue called world. This is how we indicate the location of whatever is being sought. This is why we reconfigure peculiar shapes vaguely described by exuberant lexical emissions operating without official sanction.


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ cantillation I ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ elastic inference painted on the chanfrin ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ far off in a corner of slowness  an end to all flight ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ glass tubules making doors appear suddenly behind pressed steel and yesterday's fabric ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ Imaginary book covers - End of the game ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ solely a consequence from tuned analysis of backgrounds ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ strong lateral asymmetry connected both to handedness and language ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ the cabaret idea of oscillation between removing a gong beat and simulating the vibrations of a sound to rule the sense of movement ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ the day of dissipated conditions through practical spontaneity has to fulfill an act towards the bowels of tomorrow and toothless vibrant words ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ the difference alone does not explain the correalism of an unplastered opera house with the shadows of individual zebra stripes scattered through the air ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ the logical attributes of being is rent by thin strips and disembodied resemblance to a series of divisions ]


Irina and Silviu Székely-[ to a dry asphyxiation rather than a long, red and curly wig on the walls of the point of being completed and latent ]


Born in communist Romania, Irina and Silviu Székely currently live and work in the UK. They studied philosophy for several years and lived in France and Italy. With no formal artistic training, they chose collage / photomontage as their main ground of artistic games and experiments. The immediate consequence of this is the possibility to remove an object from its original space allocated once and for all in a definitive reproduction (photography, printed images, etc.) and to place it in a whole different environment in order to produce alternative visual and conceptual behaviours with parallel functionalities.

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